Full 3D applications!
Here are the latest collections of free modelling, animation, rendering tools.
3D Canvas 5
A versatile 3D package with wide range of import and export facilities...
A deceptively powerful modeling and animation package ideal for those new to the field, and the download is just 2MB...
Blender 2.04
Complete game animation, modelling and rendering, all in a 2MB download. And see for yourself - the results are amazing...
A functional and efficient 3D file translator, and only 2MB to download...
Openfx v1.0
A well equipped, open source modular 3D animation suite with a bright future
POV-Ray 3.1
The amazing Persistance Of Vision Raytracer offers outstanding professional results...
Strata 3D 3.5
We gave Strata StudioPro four stars in our review - and here you can download its little brother, complete with modelling, rendering and animation...
Terragen 0.8.11
An excellent and easy to use 3D landscape designer, capable of rendering beautifully realistic scenes and animations...
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