Full 3d Canvas 5.0

Amabilis [http://www.amabilis.com]

Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP, DirectX 8

File size: 7.77MB

  A 'lite' little brother of 3D Canvas Pro, 3D Canvas is free to download and keep, and although it's featureset is limited in some areas, it is nevertheless a powerful and worthwhile download.

The application enables you to create complex models can by editing primitives, or through the secondary nurbs patch modelling screen, which - although it's harder to master at first offers much greater freedom.

3D Canvas' real advantage is that you can import and export models in DirectX, 3DS, Autocad, and VRML formats. The pro version even works with motion capture, which means you can really take advantage of object libraries on the Web, thne simply edit and animate with 3D Canvas.

Once you have a model, animation is set up with stepped keyframes, 3D Canvas filling in the gaps. You can view these in real-time, or output to AVI format, although there is no support for anti-aliasing and no rendering engine in the limited version.

After you've downloaded the software, you can also check out a series of clear and consise tutorials, available as a seperate download package on the developer's site.
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