Anim8or []

Windows 95/98/NT/2000.

File size: 2MB

  Anim8or is an OpenGL-based 3D modelling and animation package that's easy to use and has a professional feel to it. It gives you the tools to create animations quickly and easily, thanks to its import feature.

A traditional four-pane set-up is used in each of the working modes: Object for modeling, Figure for creating skeletons, Sequence for animating and Scene for compiling your movie before rendering.

Animation is by keyframe, and you can preview your anims in real-time or rendered as an .avi file - although the rendering process is a little rough and ready.

Anim8or can import .3DS, Lightwave and Wavefront objects. This is a blessing, since creating highly complex models in this app would be very time consuming.

The software has a simple and logical structure and intuitive tools. It offers almost instant results for just a little application and the quality of the documentation is a great help, which you can download seperately, at the software homepage.
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