Windows 95/98/NT/2000.

File size: 2MB

  It can be extremely frustrating to find that you have exactly the model you want for your project but in the wrong format. While most 3D programs import a range of formats: VRML, AutoCAD and 3D Studio being favoured, these are not always what you have to hand. Crossroads has been invented for occasions when you have to translate that file.

Eight file formats including POVray, 3ds and Wavefront (.obj) can be imported and viewed in wire frame. These files can then be exported into one of fifteen formats including Apple Binary and MS Direct X. This process just involves choosing a file type when you save.

Commercial applications such as Polytrans are more refined, but they are relatively expensive and for most situations Crossroads will be able to translate your model into a usable form. The only problem I noted was varying scale with different exports.

The author, Keith Rule, promises to expand the files Crossroads will work with, notably including Lightwave files, this will make Crossroads a must have utility.
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