Combustion Stuff

Amabilis [ ]

3DS Max R3

File size: 213KB

  If you want to create explosions or fire in Max, you'll usually use the built in combustion tool...

It's relatively easy to set up, and can create flames, explosions, or weird colour bursts. The results are OK, but they could be a lot better.

Combustion Stuff uses the basic built in tools, but allows you to apply them to particle systems. Each particle becomes a combustion, so it's possible to create much more complex and controllable fire effects. This can give flames a more 3D look, and opens the way for a range of new pyrotechnics.

In addition to the original combustion options, you can also turn illumination on or off so that the combustion can be lit with ordinary lights. You can even animate the colour of your flame particles over time.

If you play with fire, and you can't get hold of a copy of the excellent Pyrocluster plug in, then this add-on is a must.
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