Particle Force
Download Dyno Skin

Download Dyno Skin

Blur Studios[ ]

3DS Max R3

File size: 22KB

Download Dyno Skin

  Another freeware plug-in from special effects house blur...

Particle Force gives you two new space warps. The first is a wind generator that improves a little on Max's standard one. The main difference is that when a particle hits the standard Max wind space warp, it just keeps on accelerating. Blur's wind doesn't do that, and this makes it slightly easier to control.

The second warp is the random walk warp (shown here). This is a kind of deflector. When a particle encounters a random walk warp, it wanders off on a random course as though caught in an unpredictable breeze.

You also need to download blurlib to make this work
Blurlib is simply a utility you need to work a number of blur's plug-ins. Download it here

File size: 14KB

Download Blurlib
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