Download Rain

Download Rain

Blur Studios[http://www.blur.com ]

3DS Max R3

File size: 14KB

Download Rain

  Rain doesn't actually create a rain effect. It's simply a new material map, which creates random ripples.

The ripples begin small, and spread, decaying as they do so. The result is a very realistic rain effect.

Rain is best used as a bump map, especially on reflective objects where the watery effect is most convincing.

There are a number of controls you can adjust and animate, but at the end of the day, the default settings look just fine. The only thing you might want to do is animate the phase - to change the speed of the ripples, or alter the number of raindrops per second.

To be honest, rain on water is about the only application for this plug-in. That said, it does it beautifully.

You also need to download blurlib to make this work
Blurlib is simply a utility you need to work a number of blur's plug-ins. Download it here…

File size: 14KB

Download Blurlib
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